Monday, February 16, 2009

CFL Bummer!

My gripe: I decided to replace some of my light bulbs with CFL's to help the environment and save the world. You can imagine my disappointment when one of the lights I replaced blew out in less than one year! A standard bulb lasts longer than a year in that same light. So much for not adding to the landfill. Now I have this mercury loaded product that I must find a way to dispose of. Doesn't that stink?

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targetmom said...

Yes, that really does stink! I'm sure you've already considered this but you should notify the manufacturer. Maybe they will offer a replacement or coupons. It wouldn't hurt to mention that you've blogged about the product. If you do contact the company please report back. It is always great to know how well companies support their products.

BTW we have only lived in our house for a little over a year but we had a bulb blow and I went to replace it and it was a CFL. I have no idea how long it lasted but considering that 1. our house is only 8 years old, 2. CFL's haven't been on the market a short time and 3. this is one of only a couple of CFL's that were already in the home I have my suspicions it didn't live up to it's " lasts longer" claim either.

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