Thursday, February 19, 2009

Economic Times

We all know the economy isn't doing well right now. When you look at the housing problems and credit problems, it may be easy to blame only the banks (rightfully so), but in many cases, the consumers should have been educated enough to know that they couldn't afford the house they were buying. But they weren't. Who is to blame for that? I would have to think that our education system has failed many Americans in that area. However, with all the resources available today, Americans need to wise up and study up on economics.

I came across a great website that has all sorts of great information. It is geared for teachers to use in their classrooms, but is available for anyone. You may want to pass this website on to your children's schools/teachers to implement into their lesson plans or you may want to use this information for yourself at home.

There are great links on this site for simple things such as making change to as complex as understanding inflation and unemployment.

Check it out for yourself by clicking HERE. Oh, and the best part? It is all free!

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