Sunday, April 26, 2009


What is FAR? FAR stands for Free After Rebate. Some people don't like to do rebates. It can be a hassle as you usually need original receipt, UPC, etc. But it can be a good way to try a new product or get something you always use for free. I advise that you always make a photocopy of the rebate form and along with everything you need to submit, in case there is a problem.

Here are some rebates you may want to look into:

Sure deodorant has several free-bate offers right now, including Sure MAX Clinical Power, Sure for Men and Sure with Natural Extracts.

Mineral Wear FaceBrightener or BronzeBrightener, Bronze Booster or Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara free from Physicians Formula.

Pert Plus for Men or a free box of Touch of Gray hair color.

You can even make money in some cases by using a coupon when you buy the product, and then get a full-price rebate (the rebate is the price before the coupon). Here are printable coupons for Sure ($1 off), Pert Plus ($1 off) and Touch of Gray ($2 off).

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