Friday, May 22, 2009

Book Review--The Twelve Sacred Traditions of Magnificent Mother's-in-Law

I was given the opportunity to review the latest book by Haywood Smith entitled "The Twelve Sacred Traditions of Magnificent Mother's-in-Law."

As a daugther-in-law who obviously wasn't blessed with a Magnificent Mother-in-Law, I found this book quite humorous, yet full of excellent advice. I feel it is a must read for any mother-in-law or any prospective mother-in-law. Haywood Smith uses her Southern charm to outline practical advice for all mother-in-laws in a hilarious way. Her traditions range from "Magnificent Mother-in-Laws Cut the Apron Strings" to "Magnificent Mother-in-Laws are Flexible about Holiday Plans." Any mother-in-law who adheres to her 12 traditions is sure to have the best possible relationship with their child and their child's spouse.

This is a short (75 pages), easy read that will keep you laughing. It would make an excellent gift for engagement parties or shower parties and according to the publisher, "It can even safely be given to a Mother-in-Law." I plan to buy this for gifts for all my friends as they approach becoming a Mother-in-Law.

I really enjoyed this book and plan on reading some other titles by Haywood Smith as she has a great grasp on life.

You can read more about it at or order it from Amazon.

Disclosure:  I received a review copy to facilitate this review.  As always, this review contains my honest opinons.

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NSB Mom said...

yea this is good stuff....especially considering, well you know...MIL of the year that you have.

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