Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Earn Money or Prizes on the Internet

Here are some legitimate ways to earn money or prizes for things on the internet. I am going to start with my favorites:

Pinecone research pays $3 a survey. They don’t send many out, but they are usually pretty short, easy surveys. http://www.pineconeresearch.com/

Swagbucks—this is the one where you randomly earn swag bucks for searching and then can trade for prizes or gift cards. I have earned $30 in gift cards in a short time (since I last blogged about it). Let me know if you sign up b/c sometimes they have a code that you can enter to earn a buck and if I figure it out, I will pass it on to you. You can search directly from their page or download their toolbar. You also earn a point for anyone who signs up under you for the first 100 points they earn. Click here for Swagbucks.

Ebates—earn cash back for shopping. This site is great—once I started remembering to go there before I order anything. Basically, they link you to just about any site you can think of and give you cash back for any orders you place. I always do searches and find free shipping and additional percentage off when I order online. Example—I wanted to get Brian a Borders gift card. I could either drive there and buy one, or have one sent to me from Border’s for free and get 5% cash back from Ebates. That is a no brainer!!! I even order from Kohl’s b/c I can get the 30% shipping code online and get a free shipping code. And of course, the 4% cash back from ebates… EBay is even on there! Click HERE to sign up.

Inbox Dollars—you get paid a few pennies for reading emails. Basically, you don’t have to read, but click the button that says confirm reading email. Some times it will say, “You have a paid email”, and you click and it goes to a website for advertisement and you just have to scroll down to the bottom to confirm reading. You get $5 signup bonus and they pay after $25. Click HERE to sign up.

Here are a couple survey sites I have used. Some surveys can be long but you earn points for stuff or cash. E-poll: www.epoll.com and My Survey: www.mysurvey.com. You have to answer a lot of surveys before you earn a lot of points for things, though.

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