Friday, July 24, 2009

This IS What He is Really Thinking!

I will have to say that I really didn't expect much from the latest book I chose to review--"What's He Really Thinking?" by Paula Rinehart. I have often found that these types of books don't really tell me anything I don't already know or don't offer much insight. However, as Paula Reinhart is a therapist and a Christian, I was curious to see what her insights were, especially since she is NOT a man.

That being said, as soon as my husband saw the book, he started in with his comments and eye rolling, questioning what the author could really have to say about the topic. However, as I would read parts of the book to him, he would smile and say, "That's true, "and completely agreed with Reinheart's assesments of men.

I can say that I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy and truth that Rinehaeart expresses on the male psyche. She doesn't play games or skirt the importance of sex for men, nor make excuses for their behavior. She states, "Men live with a sexual predicament that colors their whole experience of life. A man's body only has one expression of being male--and that's intercourse...For men, the desire for sex is not simply a quest for pleasure, it is an indispensable test of identity." She explains how God speaks into a man's sexuality for personal and spiritual growth and how themes of inadaquacy dominate a man's life. She explains that sex translates directly into respect and that for a man, "respect is the rough equivalent of your own best moments of feeling truly loved.'

Reinheart concludes with a Relational Genius Guide, where she asks thought provoking questions to help women understand themselves, the men they love and the influence they have on these men. She puts this all into biblical perspective.

Although I feel I know my husband pretty well and know what makes him tick, this book has given me greater understanding from a biblical perspective of how men operate. Prior to reading this, I didn't really understand a man's sexuality and generally though of it more as a problem for men, leading them to sin. While this can be true for a man with a damaged psyche, this is not what God's intentions are. Using the bible as a reference, Reinheart really gets to the core of what God's intentions are for man's sexuality and the beauty of a relationship between a man and woman.

This is a great read for any woman, whether single or married, young or old. It is for mothers and sisters or anyone who has a man in their life.

Published by Thomas Nelson, List price is $14.99. carries it for $10.19 with free super saver shipping on orders over $25.

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