Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Review: The Enclave

The Enclave, by Karen Hancock, is a riveting Christian suspense/science fiction novel that keeps you turning the pages. Lacey McHenry is a young scientist who accepts a fellowship at a world renowned research institute. Little does she know that there is more than meets the eye at the institute and she is quickly caught up in a web of deception. Her only ally seems to be a brilliant geneticist, Cameron Reinhardt, who does not seem to fit in with the institute’s top echelon. But can she really trust him? Who can she trust? With twists and turns along the way, the author explores the realm of genetics and cloning and what could happen when science is explored without ethical boundaries about life and God.

Although I don’t typically read science fiction, I found this book interesting. It was a little slow to start with, but picks up quickly. I liked the Christian aspect of the characters, however, I feel it could have been developed a little more fully. Overall, I feel it is a good read. I think it would make an excellent movie!

This book is published by Bethany House and retails for $14.99. Amazon sells it for $10.18 with free super saver shipping.

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