Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting Children to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

A lot of parents sneak fruit and veggies into their children's foods.  They grind them, mix them, color them, decorate them, etc.  But not at this house.  At this house, the way we "sneak" fruit and veggies into our children's diet is by being honest.  We have explained since birth the importance of fruits and veggies and make sure to offer a wide variety of them for our children to eat.  One thing my children like is to be able to get into the fridge and get their own fruit or vegetable snack.  Another trick we do is serve the fruit or vegetable first while we are still preparing the meal.

However, I know that most kids would not respond to our methods and it can also be fun to disguise fruits and veggies as well.  I found this recent post on Twitter Moms.  Twitter Moms has been busy blogging about ways to get children to eat their fruits and vegetables and also about a new product, Horizons Foods created specifically for picky eaters, called Horizon Little Blends Yogurts.  This is a really new concept for children's yogurt products.  This yogurt includes fruit and vegetables in every serving.  It is produced without added growth hormones, high fructose corn syrup (yeah!) or artificial ingredients (yeah again!).  It is natural goodness that kids like and something that moms can feel good about serving.  You can read more at

Right now, Twitter Moms is also sponsoring a giveway, so make sure you check it out!

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