Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top 5 Favorite Holiday Activities

The holiday season is already upon us.  Around this house, things begin to get lively!  We love to do so many things but the top 5 would be:

1.  Putting up the Christmas Tree as a family.  I love watching the games my children play as they hang ornaments.  My ornaments are wrapped in tissue paper so opening each one is like opening a present!

2.  Baking cookies.  We like to experiment with new recipes and try to choose fun, creative ones.

3.  Hot chocolate.  There is nothing like a hot chocolate snack while listening to Christmas music.

4.  Going to see various holiday displays in the area.

5.  A birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve with cookies and milk.  We always remember to leave a little for Santa, too!

Want more great holiday activities?  Visit  TwitterMoms to see more great ideas and enter for yourself here:  Dora Christmas Carol Contest.

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