Sunday, December 27, 2009

Book Review: Things Worth Remembering by Jackina Stark

"Things Worth Remembering" by Jackina Stark is a beautifully written book about a damaged mother-daughter relationship, forgiveness and redemption. Kendy and her daughter, Maisey, had a wonderful relationship until one summer when when Maisey was a teen and everything changed. Kendy never really understood what happened and it isn't till Maisey is back home before her wedding that she shares a secret that she has carried for years. Can Maisey overcome the pain in her heart and forgive her mother?

I loved this book. It was a fast read, and I found myself drawn to wanting to find out what happened between mother and daughter to so drastically change the relationship. What could a mother do to so drastically change her daughter's feelings about her? And now Maisey, about to take her own vows of marriage, is forced to look at issues that have plagued her for sometime. What do marriage vows really mean? Can we truly forgive other's indiscretions?

After reading this book, I felt uplifted. Relationships, no matter how severely damaged, can be mended. Stark does an excellent job of gently intertwining scripture with real life without sounding preachy. I look forward to reading more by Stark.

This book is published by Bethany House Publishers.  It retails for $13.99 .   Amazon carries it for $11.19 with free super saver shipping on orders over $25.
As a blog reviewer for Bethany House, they have provided me with a copy of this book to write an honest review.  I received no other compensation for this review.

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