Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting Little Ones to Bed at the Holidays

Drauma U wants to know tips & tricks for getting your kids to bed on time and getting them to stay in bed during the Holiday Seasons.  This is a tough thing to do with all the parties, programs and excitement taking place.

Here are my tips and suggestions:
  • Try to maintain a routine at bedtime of a quiet story.  Snuggling up and reading one of Jan Brett's Christmas stories are our favorites.
  • A little snack with milk helps calm little ones.
  • Our rule about Christmas shows is this:  if they don't go to bed afterwards with no problems, they won't get to watch the next night's shows.
  • Make sure with all the additional foods your child is eating that they are still getting nutritional food.
  • I am a big fan of guided imagery with my children.  When they are in bed, I have them close their eyes and tell a calming, relaxing story.  This works like a charm.  I usually do a story of a special garden or of a caterpiller changing to a butterfly, but at Christmas, I will do stories that include the quietness of newly fallen snow.
So, what do you do to get your little ones to bed and to stay in bed over the holidays?

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Charlotte Reznick Ph.D said...

I am a big fan of guided imagery too. That's my speciality with children, teens, parents, and professionals. Many parents are grateful that the CDs I produce put their little (and big) ones to sleep easily and peacefully. Take a listen at some audio samples at There's a chapter just on bedtime issues in my new book. Go to for discounts and 80+ free downloadable gifts.

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