Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book Review: Closer by Jim and Cathy Burns

Closer by Jim and Cathy Burns is a book of 52 devotions designed to draw couples closer through faith conversations. These are short weekly devotionals for couples with busy schedules. Each weekly reading begins with a biblical quote, followed by a short (2-3 page) reading. This if followed by faith conversations—a few questions for the couples to answer and share with each other. The reading wraps up by A Step Closer, which asks thought provoking questions to keep your relationship on track and to think about the future.

I like this book, first and foremost, because the readings are weekly, not daily. With two young children and busy lifestyles, it is difficult to set aside time on a daily basis. I also like that the readings are usually just a few pages. The readings are appropriate for both sexes and are applicable to married life. They really seem to hit home. The questions in the readings are very thought provoking and encourage discussion for couples.

As with any couple devotional, the key is to actually do the reading together. Jim and Cathy make this possible with short, weekly readings, and, as they say, “if you miss a week, don’t quit—just pick up where you left off.”

This would make a great book for your spouse for Valentine’s Day, anniversary or any occasion. It would also make a nice gift for newlyweds.

This book, published by Bethany House, retails for $19.99 but Amazon has it for $13.59  and is eligible for super saver shipping.
I received a copy of Closer from Bethany House. This review contains my honest opinions.

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Together We Save said...

Thanks for sharing... a great way to get newlyweds on the right track.

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