Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Children and Hearing--LISTEN UP PARENTS!

The generation of MP3 players is here.  Nearly every child has one or wants one.  However, parents, LISTEN UP--hearing loss among young people is on the rise!  According to Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)  President Tommie L. Robinson, Jr., "...(ASHA) has warned that hearing loss in the United States could rise significantly due to the misuse of personal audio technology...Unfortunately, a report released today by the Kaiser Family Foundation cites some alarming trends about excessive entertainment media consumption among our nation's children, indirectly supporting ASHA's concerns. This should be a warning to parents that they must regulate children's exposure and fully understand the potential health threats associated with misuse and over exposure to such technologies."

Here are two simple ways to protect your children's - and your own - hearing.

· Keep the volume down. A good guide is half volume.
· Limit listening time. Give your hearing 'quiet breaks'.

Find more information and statistics at ASHA's website. You can also follow their Twitter feed or fan them on Facebook to get real time updates on their work.

I learned about this from Global Influence.  By making this post, I have been entered to win an Amazon certificate.

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