Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Shipping with Any Avon Order

Avon has some great deals right now!  Here are some of the deals I found:

Children's Bath Time Body Paints-- .99
High School Musical Hand Cream--$2.00
NATURALS Red Rose & Peach 5-Piece Big Deal (Body Spray, 2 Lotions, Shower Gel and Shimmer Shower Gel)--$11.99
My favorite--their line of foot care products range from $1.99 and up!

There are many, many more deals.  And the best part is that right now, you can order Avon online and have it sent right to your door for FREE!  Click here for the Avon catalogue.  Make sure you use coupon code FSANY to get free shipping!

Thanks, Lori, for passing along this deal!

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