Sunday, January 24, 2010

Talking to Kids about Sex--Part 1

As promised...

It is very important to start talking to children about sex at an early age.  Do I mean tell them every detail at age 2?  No, but there are some very important things you can start talking to them about at age 2.  Before I get to that, though, I want to explain the importance of starting these conversations at an early age.
  • Talking to children early makes them feel more comfortable about their bodies and how they work. 
  • It opens the door to future conversations.  It makes children feel more comfortable coming to you with questions as they get older.
  • You will also feel more comfortable talking about it with them when they are older.  You won't be so embarrassed to use words such as penis and vagina in your discussions when they are 12 if you have been using them all along.
  • You have the opportunity instill your values in your child(ren) over time.
  • You will have the opportunity to provide your child with accurate information.
  • If you aren't doing it, know that someone or something else is.  Either from friends, older siblings or the media, information about sex is always out there and your child is not immune to it.  And most of the time, that information is inaccurate.
So, starting early only makes sense.  And remember, it is not a one-time conversation!

Next post will be about what to discuss at various ages.

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I'm Just a Girl... said...

I totally agree with you. I have 3 boys-ages 14, 11, and 4. We speak very openly (and of course using age appropriatness) about subjects such as sex. My 4 year old has recently discovered that mommy (or girls) are built different and that definitely created a "teachable moment". Like your last bullet states, if we don't use those teachable moments then it is likely that they will explore other ways of seeking answers. I don't want my boys to be embarrassed to come to me with anything-EVER!

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