Saturday, January 16, 2010

Talking to Kids about...eewww...You Know...S-E-X!

This past week I was asked to do a presentation to a group of mothers about talking to your children about sex.  I spent five years as the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coordinator for a county in eastern Ohio.  My program was an abstinence only program.  During that time, I averaged over 300 speaking engagements a year working with schools, children's services, hospitals, counseling agencies, and the media.  And I learned a thing or two that is going to come in handy with raising my own children.

Talking to your children about sex--whoa!  The thought of doing this makes just about any parent chringe and want to go into hibernation!  This is a hard topic to discuss with children, mainly because of our own attitudes and perceptions about sex.  Most of us simply had the little birds and bees talk in middle school and then later, maybe a chapter in health class.  We learned very little from our parents and a lot from our friends (most of which, was not accurate information).  Today, kids are in the same situation--limited information from the schools, parents still don't want to talk about it, and not only do their friends have a wealth of inaccurate information, they also have the media pushing sexual messages in every possible venue. 

After speaking to these parents, I realized that parents really need help in talking to their kids about sex, especially from a Christian perspective. I thought I would start blogging about it.  I encourage my readers to post comments or ask questions in the comments section or email me (see righthand column) and I will answer questions in later postings.

So, look forward to future tips and topics on talking to your kids about sex.


Shana said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate you entering the giveaway. I have looked around on yours a bit and can't wait to look a little more. I love the wishing tree you guys made too. I haven't seen one of those. Maybe when Blaze is a little older we can make one. Hope you have a great weekend.

lovemylevi said...

What a great idea! Following from MBC :-)

Anonymous said...

ohh, the dreaded sex talk.......can't wait to see some tips, just hope i remember them cause my son is only 5 months old now hahaha. thanks for following me, i am now following you :)


shadygardener said...

Wow-I need your help. I'll be reading your blog for sure!

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