Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Review: Totally Toned Arms by Rylan Duggan, CSCS

Wow, if I could have arms like the women on the cover of Totally Toned Arms—Get Michelle Obama Arms in 21 Days, I’d be in heaven. Written by Rylan Duggan, CSCS, I really expected this to be a book that targeted the arms with numerous arm exercises. However, the book surprised me by actually publishing the fact that spot training does not work—something I have known all along.

The program consists of a 21-day workout plan, starting wit a 7-day quick start routine, then moving to 5 days a week for about 30 minutes a day. The program includes cardio and strength training exercises along with an eating plan.

What I really love about this book is it gives both home versions and gym versions of the various exercises. Don’t have a membership to a gym? You just need minimal equipment: dumbbells, resistance bands with handles and a stability ball and you can do the entire workout at home. A gym fanatic? Duggan lists all the exercises you can do at the gym. A little of both? Mix and match. I like that the exercises are all very basic exercises that I know to give good results.

The eating plan is a good, strong plan that focuses on whole foods, eating smaller meals, adding more fruits and vegetables, etc. They give a meal plan and include a 2-day plan.

My absolute favorite part of the book is at the end where they list what exercises you should do every day along with photos of the exercises! This is great so you don’t have to flip back in the book or guess what you really need to be doing. Just open up the two page spread and you can see it all there. It is easy to read and understand.

If you want to get serious about toned arms, whether you already work out or not, I think this is an excellent plan to get started! I know I am going to start tomorrow.

This book, published by Hachette Book Group, Inc., retails for $12.99 but can be purchased from for $10.39 with free super saver shipping.

Note: I received a copy of this book from Hachette Book Group, Inc. for review purposes. My review contains my honest opinions about this book.

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