Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top-Ten Checklist for Creating a Fun Family Vacation

I was prompted by a contest from TwitterMoms to write a post about ten great tips for creating a fun family vacation free of distractions.  No one wants a stressful vacation, so I wanted to come up with some ideas to make your vacation great without all the distractions.
  1. Make sure everything at home is taken care of.  Paper is picked up, plants watered, mail is stopped, water turned off, bills paid, etc.  You do not want to be on vacation and realize that you forgot to take care of something at home and have it plague you the entire time.
  2. Plan for the weather to not be perfect.  Pack clothing for cooler/warmer days.  Yes, even days in Florida can be cold!
  3. When planning your vacation, have ideas for things to do if the weather isn't perfect.  Know where movie theaters are, bowling alleys, shopping malls are located.
  4. Read up on the area you are visiting and research good restaurants.  No one is happy if they go out and eat and spend a lot of money on a bad meal.  Touristy areas are famous for having "tourist trap" eats that stink.  With the internet, you can always find reviews of various restaurants.
  5. Make sure you have directions and good maps or a GPS.  And even have a map along with your GPS.  Who wants to spend time being lost?  If you rent a car, make sure you get a GPS with it--once again, who wants to waste vacation time being lost?
  6. Look into off the beaten path activities--they can be more relaxing than fighting crowds elsewhere.
  7. Pack lots of snacks if you are traveling with little ones.
  8. Pack lots of activities if traveling with little ones.
  9. Take your car in for a check up before you hit the road and make sure you have all the information you need if you break down (i.e. AAA, your own car waranty). 
  10. Leave work at work!  Most of us are not so important that we can't leave it all behind.  Don't feel you can do that, then let work know you will be in contact (by phone or email) from certain times a day--maybe once in the morning and once late afternoon.  Outside that--no work.
And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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