Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hallmark 3D Cards

As a member of ModernMom, I received an opportunity to review the new 3D Hallmark Cards.  I wasn't really expecting much and really thought it would be just like an animated card.

However, this is totally different.  You physically send a card via snail mail.  When the recipient receives the card, they visit (instructions are included in the card).  Then they click on the icon like the card they received.  After a plug-in download, they hold the card in front of their webcam.  Within seconds, a 3D animated feature will begin.  You can move the card around, and as long as it is in view of the webcam, the animation will rotate along in full 3D!  The picture jumps right out!  It is really quite incredible! 

You may replay the animation as much as you want--it is available for the life of the card. 

I think this is a really cool card to send to kids and even to parents and grandparents!  My husband and I were impressed and my girls were quite amused with it. 

You can purchase these Webcam Greetings where ever Hallmark cards are sold.  The one I received cost $2.99 and was so much fun!  Definately worth the three bucks!

Note:  I received a Hallmark Webcam Greetings card to review. I was not compensated in any way.  This review contains my honest opinion.

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