Monday, March 29, 2010

Cell Phones Can Drive Me Crazy!

People look at me like I am crazy when I say I don't really use my cell phone.  Not to say I never use it, but realistically, when I give my number out (which is rarely), I forewarn people that I usually don't have it on.  In fact, I use to have an outgoing message that said not to leave a message on it because it might be weeks before I turn it on.  Now that I have a child in school, I do try to remember to turn it on if I am out and about.

There are various reasons for this.  I don't feel the need to always be available to everyone.  People lived in the past without cell phones and survived.  I think we have enough in our lives than to be constantly disrupted by someone calling us, usually for something that could wait.

I have quite a few pet peeves when it comes to cell phone use.  It seems that people tend to forget their manners when using them.  Some people tend to talk more loudly on a cell phone.  There is nothing like shopping in a store and having to listen to someone's entire cell phone conversation while they shop nearby.  Or better yet, be browsing in the library to hear someone's problems.

Once, I was in the library and I heard a woman loudly complaining on her cell phone about the preschool my daughter attended.  She apparently was involved with the MOPS group that met in the church there and was upset that during a time of construction, the preschool director asked them to not use the entrance they were using because they were noisy when they were going in and disrupting the classes.  This woman was loudly complaining about this and the preschool director and was very negative.  After she got off the phone, she invited me to attend the "wonderful" MOPS group she belonged to. 

Another thing that bothers me is people who check out at a store while talking on their phone.  I don't see a problem with this if they are doing self-checkout, but when they are in line with a live clerk, I think that is extremely rude.  They don't even acknowledge this human being in front of them assisting them with their check out!

People also seem to forget ettiquete when dining out.  If I am going to lunch with you, I would like to visit with you, not sit and pretend not to hear your cell phone conversations.

And then there have been playdates where mothers have come to my house and taken non-urgent phone calls while visiting.  (And I don't mean the very brief phone calls.)  At one playdate, a mother, who I barely knew (she was the mother of my daughter's preschool friend) came to my door talking on her cell phone, then took several calls while she was here visiting and barely talked to me!

There are also the drivers who can't go anywhere without a cellphone attached to their ear.  I am a talker but wow--what do these women (yes, usually women) have so much to talk about? 

A word of caution about driving and talking on the cell phone.  I admit, I do it--mainly because I am away from the children and can talk without them screaming in the background.  I consider myself a good driver and use the speaker phone.  That being said, if both hands are not on the wheel, you are putting yourself at risk of an accident--even if not caused by you.  A few years ago, I came around a curve to see in front of me a car that had lost control and was sliding sideways right toward me.  Both my hands were on the wheel and I was able to quickly manuever off the road, and, although he did hit me on the back side, I was able to avoid a t-bone accident that would have been much more serious.  My mom questioned if I would have been able to do that if I had been talking on the phone.  Honestly?  Most likely not.  So, no matter how good of a driver you are, there are the other people you may need to watch out for and need both hands on the road. 

Really, how much do we need to use our cell phones?  To the point that we are disrespectful to others?  I hope not.

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StuffSmart said...

I share a lot of you pet peeves. People seem to have forgotten common courtesy. Most places like theaters and libraries even post that cell phones are to be turned off yet they rarely are.
That being said, I rely on my cellphone a lot though to communicate with those that live out of town since it is more affordable but honestly use my cellphone the most from home.

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