Thursday, March 25, 2010

Probiotic Dog Treats--Review and FREE Sample

You may have heard recently from advertisements the benefits of probiotics in our diet.  If they are good for us, why wouldn't they be good for our pets? 

What exactly are "Probiotics?"  Probiotics are good bacteria that help in supporting a healthy digestive system. They are live organisms that can promote the health of the intestinal tract, which provides 70 percent of our immunity to disease.  More and more we are seeing probiotics added to dog foods.  You have to be cautious, though, because even if it is added to the food, your dog still may not be getting the full benefit of it as probiotics can easily be killed by heat--a process that is in a lot of dog foods. boasts a variety of probiotic products and not just for your dog.  They have products for small pets, kittens and cats, puppies and dogs, birds and foals and horses.  Their pricing is very reasonable and treats are even on sale now.  You also get a discount with bulk orders (as few as 3 items). recently sent me a couple bags of their probiotic dog treats.   I received the Probios Dog Treat Soft and Shiny Coat.  It hasadded flaxseed helps maintain your dog’s healthy skin and coat while providing beneficial bacteria (probiotics) to support normal digestive function. Peanut-butter flavoring turns this nutritional supplement into an appealing treat.  I will have to say, with a peanut butter flavor, I was sure my dog, Daisy, would love them.

At first, she did gobble them up, but I guess she was just thrilled at the novelty of something new.  So now, I  just been put them in her dogfood and she gobbles them up with no problems.  Have I seen a difference in her yet?  It is probably too soon to say, however, it does seem like her coat is a bit softer and she is definitely more energetic. 

The bottom line is this:  tons of research shows that probiotics are helpful in so many ways.  I have even experienced first-hand with Daisy how probiotics have helped her arthritis so I am a firm believer in giving them to pets.

Why not try them for yourself? is offering my readers a FREE sample pack of Probios Digestion Support Dog Treats just for signing up.  Click HERE to sign up.  In addition, you will receive special discounts and offers from

Thanks to for providing me with the opportunity to review these dog treats. This review contains my honest opinions. I was not compensated in any manner except for the review product.

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Scarlet of Moms Wear Your Tees said...

Cool. These sound great especially for my aging dog!

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