Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Earth Day 2010 has arrived! We have been busy doing "earthy" things in my household. My 6 year old has been bothered that there is not a recycling bin in her kindergarten class, so she decorated a box for paper recycling. We have also been busy learning about ecosystems and taking care of our planet. We have planted one new tree and will be planting the second. Rain barrels will be hooked up soon and we are getting the garden ready. Composting is one of our favorite things and the girls enjoy watching it break down.

Here are some things that you may not think to recycle but most places will take:  toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, the chipboard backs of packaging that many items come in, and medicine and personal care bottles.  Check with your local recycling company and see what they will take.

I have always been one to recycle.  Guess I remember in the early 80's when they started talking about the landfills getting filled up and have always been good about recycling.  I am at the point where it bothers me when I go places and see that they don't offer recycling and think about how much goes into the landfill that could be recycled.  I would love it if there were recyclying bins at places like cabins in the Smoky Mountains.  I felt guilty about tossing things in the trash.  I also wish big companies, like Kroger, would sell eggs in the cardboard cartons rather than styrofoam.  Fast food restaurants could also keep a lot out of the landfill by recycling the plastic milk jugs (i.e. Wendy's).   Another great place for recycling bins would be at gas stations and car washes.  Think about how many plastic bottles people toss out at these places.  Of course, I can voice my opinion to these places but until they hear many voices, these companies are unlikely to add the bins.  I challenge my readers to encourage companies to step up to the plate and help recycle as well.

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