Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother's Love is Purple

At the close of this Mother's Day, I have so many blessings, my own Mother being the greatest.  I strive to be as good of a mother as my mom has been to me.  Looking back, I realize that it wasn't "big" things that made my mother a good mother, but all the little things.  Last year, I made her a card with the quote from Mother Teresa, "We can do no great things, just small things with great love."  This year, I was inspired once again by the "small" things she has done in my life and I wrote this for her:


When I was a child,
Purple was my favorite color.
The glint of purple in your diamond ring
I would seek while holding your hand in church,
The purple rosary beads you would pray,
The purple house cake you made for my fifth birthday (even though the purple icing really didn’t look like purple),
The purple pant suit you sewed--with lacy ribbon up the front that any young girl would love,
The purple eggplant that you would dress up as lasagna to get me to eat healthy,
The purple skirt you made for Christmas when I was in high school, matching a sweater woven with purple that you picked out especially for me.
So many people think red or pink are the colors of love,
But I tend to think it is purple.
Purple will always hold a special place in my heart…
My mother’s love is purple.

Remember, your children aren't going to always remember you as the mother who didn't buy them a certain gift or didn't let them do something (trust me, I am sure there were plenty of times where my mother said no).  They will look back and remember what you did do for them to make life special, whether it be a special "tea" party where you dress up just for the party or play house in a makeshift tent.  Happy Mother's Day, all.


abitosunshine said...

Purple is the color of royalty and I think your poem for your Mother has placed her on a well-deserved throne. Well-done Ann!

The Single Mothers Chronicles said...

Hi Ann - what a lovely poem..I've always wanted to try to write some.

Thanks for coming by my blog - when I click you pix in google follow, your blog doesn't come up so you may want to enable something in your profile to make it easy for people to follow back.

Great blog!

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