Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planning a Fancy Nancy Tea Party

If you have young daughters, surely you have heard of Fancy Nancy.  We love Fancy Nancy books in our house!  So, when Twittermoms and Harper Collins joined together to ask bloggers to share tips on hosting a Fancy Nancy party, I was excited to share my ideas.

First off, you will need to make fancy invitations.  This does not have to be difficult.  You can print the details of the tea party (making sure to use fancy words) on cardstock or regular paper.  Fuchsia or lavender would be good color choices since they are "fancy" colors.  Then simply have your children decorate with sticky back jewels or pretty stickers.  Make sure your guests know to dress up fancy for the party!

Next, plan the party.  One way to make things fancy is to stream tulle either from the ceiling or chandelier and embellish with little silk flowers.  Decorate the table by using a pretty table cloth (it can even be plastic) and lay out pretty silk flowers.  If you have pretty tea cups, great, but if not, just take what you have and decorate with stick on jewels.  Don't forget a jewel on the spoon!  Instead of tea, consider pink lemonade.  Serve dainty little cookies with sprinkles or crackers with pink cream cheese.  Another cute idea is to make wand cookies--star cutout cookies with a stick in them.  Don't forget to add sugar crystals to make them sparkly!

On party day, you may want to start with a cute craft.  You could string fancy necklaces or decorate butterflies.  Make sure you teach the children fancy words like "Merci."  You may want to teach the children to talk fancy with an accent.  Make sure they know that fancy people use good manners and teach them manners, including holding their teacups with their pinkies out!  If you have "tea" in the kitchen (which is my choice), suggest next that the girls go to the "parlor" (living room) for a poetry reading.  Once there, explain that fancy people like to sit and listen to poetry readings.  Start with reading Fancy Nancy Poet Extraordinaire and follow with other poems that little ones like--rhymy ones.  Then, encourage the girls to come up with their own poems.  You may try a game where one person makes up one verse and others take turns coming up with the next verse.  If the children are very young, you may also use rhyming games such as "London Bridge" and "Ring Around the Rosey" for more interactive fun.

Just remember creativity is the key!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms blogging program to be eligible to get a Fancy Nancy prize pack. For more information on how you can participate, click here

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Same Monogram said...

I love the cookie wand idea! I am planning a Fancy Nancy party for my little girl. Thanks for the post:-)

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