Thursday, June 24, 2010


HarperCollins and TwitterMoms wants to know my tips for getting my kids to embrace summer reading.  In my family, that is not very hard as my girls LOVE to read and will devour books!  We have thousands of books at our house and are huge consumers of our local library.  I do, however, have a few suggestions for those of you who don't have voracious readers and want to encourage your kids to read more over the summer. 

  • Sign your children up for summer reading programs at libraries and bookstores (see my previous posts for various summer reading programs at bookstores).  They have great rewards! 
  • Make sure to provide your children with plenty of books in topics they are interested in.  Do they like bugs?  Check out some books on bugs.  Do they like to draw or do crafts?  Pick up some arts and crafts books.  Don't worry if they are focused on one topic as long as they are reading. 
  • Read to them.  Children love to be read to, even older children.  Even if you only read 10 minutes a day with them, it can be very beneficial.  Think about checking out poetry books by Shel Silverstein.  His wacky and funny poems are sure to please everyone!
  • If a big movie is about to come out, read the book first (i.e. Ramona and Beezus).  Movie already out?  Then read the book together afterwards and discuss which you liked better.
  • Schedule quiet time 15 minutes a day for them to read. 
  • Give your children a reward for reading 15 minutes a day five days a week.  Take them swimming, to a movie, to the park--whatever you think your child would like.
  • Let them see you read and they will learn that reading is wonderful.
  • Make reading a family event!  Children love when families spend time together.  When parents read to children, it makes them feel secure and safe.
Are you aware of the number one beginner reader series in the country? I Can Read! is the official sponsor of this conversation. This proven series debuted in 1957 and encouragies young readers from early reading together to advanced reading alone using beloved characters such as Little Bear.  I Can Read! books include over 200 titles, with friends such as Fancy Nancy, Sid the Science Kid, Biscuit and Amelia Bedelia .  These leveled readers can teach children to read on their own.  You can get more information about this series on their website, I Can Read.

What are you waiting for?  Pick up that book!

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