Thursday, June 3, 2010

School's Out--Let the Summer Begin!

Yeah!  School is out!  And what do my kids want to do the first full day of summer?  Have home school!  What?  Are they crazy?  So, we had a nice morning doing math, science and art and finished it with a picnic under a shady tree.  I hope everyone else had such a wonderful first day of summer!

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Unknown said...

So jealous here! Mine don't get out until the 17th of June and I'm counting down the days of not having to get up so early, drag them out of bed and get them off to school. I know some people think I'm crazy because that means my kids will be home all day but I'm kind of looking forward to it! Of course that sounds like me little ones too but they'd want to do it on the computer because we have these fun math learning games and reading ones on there.

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