Monday, July 26, 2010

Outlast Hand Sanitizer

Outlast hand santizer does just what its name says, it outlasts most other hand santizers. Did you know that most hand sanitizers only last about 2 minutes?  Outlast works for up to 6 hours killing 99.9% of germs.   Outlast has been used in hospitals for 30 years and is now available to you.  The cool thing is that it lasts almost the entire school day and it contains moisturizers to make your hands feel silky!  Want to learn more about Outlast?  Simply go to

I received several samples in a party pack.  All the mothers were very happy to get the samples and loved that it lasts so long.  I have one friend with a supressed immune system due to medical treatments right now and I know she really appreciated it.

Disclosure:  I received an Outlast party pack to help spread the word about Outlast hand sanitizer.

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Margaret Ritsch said...

Dear Ann:

I’m so glad you had fun at your Mommy Party for OutLast Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer! Thanks so much for also posting your thoughts about the product. Happy end of summer to you and your family!


Margaret Ritsch
for OutLast and Healthpoint,Ltd.

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