Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: CSN Online Store

More convenience, better selection, better prices, better service and hassle free is what CSN boasts.  I will have to say, my experience with them has been phenomenal!  First off, their selection is INCREDIBLE!  You can buy just about anything from them, from housewares to furniture!  I had trouble deciding what I wanted to buy.  They have a nice selection of window treatments at very reasonable prices.  And then there is the entire home improvement department, selling everything from flooring to address plaques to appliances and faucets and fixtures.  Don't forget the lights!  From office supplies to pet supplies, CSN has it all and at competetive prices!

The best part?  FREE SHIPPING on nearly everything!  I was eager to try out CSN for myself and see if they really live up to their claims.  They sent me a $40 gift card to try them out.

After a good bit of shopping around, I finally settled on a 4-Tier Growing Rack, which was on sale for $54.99.  It is like a mini-greenhouse and after my daughter knocked down my rack of seedlings in the dining room on the white carpet, I am eager to have a place for my seedlings outdoors next year.

I put my order in around 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.  The ordering experience was very basic and simple.  I had no difficulty entering the gift card code and since this cost more than the gift card, I was responsible for paying the difference.  There was no problem with entering my credit card as it was a secure site, but I also had the option of paying via PayPal.

I received immediate order confirmation and within less than 5 hours of placing my order, I received a shipping confirmation!  I was so surprised when I recieved my order, shipped via FedEx, on Friday morning!  I don't think I have ever received anything so fast anywhere unless I paid for expedited shipping. 

I am very pleased with the product itself.  I was concerned the shelves might not be very sturdy, but my husband and I were both pleased with the sturdiness of the shelves.  It was easy to assemble.  One thing I love is that you can actually order a replacement cover for it, should you need to. 

CSN offers hassle free returns, but fortunately, I did not get to experience this as I am very pleased with my product.  I will be sure to shop CSN in the future!  Maybe you want to stop by CSN Stores and shop!
Disclosure:  CSN provided me with a $40 gift card in exchange for reviewing their store.  This review contains my honest opinion. I was not compensated in any manner except for the review product.


Alison said...

Ooh that looks nice! I wish my husband wishes he had that. He was growing an avocado plant from a seed... and well a squirrel got to it and now it's not in the pot but all over the darn place. He was cursing up a storm this morning.

John said...

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