Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

Baby showers are such wonderful events! New life, new hope! They put a smile on everyone's face. Planning a unique baby shower can be fun and exciting for the hostess, but takes a bit of thought and creativity. Twittermoms and Tiny Prints have joined together to ask bloggers to list out their ten tips to plan a unique baby shower. Here are some tips:

  1. Rule number one is work within your budget! You can get very creative on a small budget if need be!
  2. Rule number two is also very important--have this shower planned way in advance of the due date. You don't want mama missing the shower because she is in the hospital having a baby early.
  3. Get other friends involved in the planning. Brainstorming together will be fun and can get a little crazy!
  4. Surf the net for ideas once you have a theme.
  5. You probably know the mother-to-be pretty well if you are the hostess. Ask yourself what her likes are and go from there. It could be anything, for example, if she is an avid reader, have a book themed party and have guests build up the baby's library!
  6. Ask the mother-to-be if she wants this to be a couple's baby shower. Why not? Dad's might enjoy getting in on this, too! Maybe make it a Baby-Q and grill out.
  7. Do a park hop of all the different parks and playgrounds in your area--the new mother-to-be will be spending a lot of time there in the future! It would be nice for her to know a little about what each part offers. You may want to make it somewhat of a treasure hunt with everyone carpooling.
  8. Make a story about the baby with all the guests. One person starts with, "My dear child, you were born to do great things." Each guest goes around the circle, adding a sentence. Journal this for the mother-to-be. The stories can get crazy!
  9. Sometimes, parents know where the baby was conceived, say on a trip. Why not reproduce that city/area as the theme of the shower and decorate with this theme?
  10. Have each guest bring ideas for fun things to do with kids in your area and compile them in a book.

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