Saturday, August 14, 2010

CSN Online Shopping

I just want to mention again about my experience with CSN.  For those of you who don't know, CSN is an online shopping megastore.  Well, actually, it is 200+ stores that carry just about EVERYTHING!  You can find a dutch oven or a Gourmet Limoges Dutch Shoe Box.  Or maybe you are interested in Dutch Chandelier.  Whatever you are looking for, they probably have it--and at a great price!

I had a great experience when I ordered from CSN the last time (see this post).  I had extremely fast service and FREE shipping (with no need to search for a special coupon or code--gotta LOVE that)!  I was also very pleased with the quality of the item I ordered.  Not to mention since then, I have seen the same item offered locally for $20 more!

Watch in upcoming posts for another review of CSN from me!

Disclosure: CSN will be providing me with a $40 voucher to use in their stores in exchange for writing an honest review of my experience. 

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