Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smashing Breasts!

Hmm...really it is more like smashed breasts, but I got your attention, didn't I?  I had my annual mammogram tonight.  Really, it's not that bad.  A little awkward, but not painful.  Of course, I had to blog about it as a reminder for ALL women to do their monthly self breast exams (SBE) and for women over 40, to get their annual mammograms.  One out of 7 women will get breast cancer.  Just since last year, I have known several women (all under 46) who have had breast cancer.  A very dear friend of mine got her diagnosis at age 34.  She was smart--she felt a lump and didn't wait and see if it would go away.  She went into her doctor, who couldn't find it at first.  No one thought it was cancer, but turns out it was.  This goes to show how important SBE's are for women of all ages.

Do you know what your risk is?  You may want to check out this information HERE to learn more.

If breast cancer is caught early, the prognosis is generally very good.  So, don't wait, get out there and get smashed and encourage your friends to do the same!


Petula said...

It's been a year since I had my last one and I've been procrastinating about going again. I know I need to make this a priority. Just get frustrated with the process at the VA hospital. Thanks for the reminder.

Together We Save said...

Good for you... getting those things are a pain (in more way than 1)!!

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