Monday, September 27, 2010

More about CSN Stores

My friend was over today to do a joint homeschool class.  I pulled out some of the math games I had ordered previously from CSN Stores and she was looking them over.  She really liked them and asked where I got them.  I told her that I ordered them from CSN Stores.  She was unfamiliar with CSN Stores and so I told her all about them.  You can get just about anything online through CSN Stores as they have over 200 stores. Besides educational products, you can even buy Dining Sets!!!  It is truly an amazing place to shop online!

Watch for another upcoming review from me about my next shopping experience with CSN.

Disclosure:  CSN stores will be providing me with a $40 gift card in exchange for this post and my honest review about my experience with CSN Stores.

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