Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Review: Prima Princessa presents The Nutcracker

I remember the first time I saw The Nutcracker. It was a small town performance, but magical all the same. I was with my three year old niece at the time and watching her face during the performance was amazing. Her eyes were lit up like a Christmas tree. What little girl doesn’t imagine being a ballerina and dancing in such magical scenes? I do remember, though, explaining the story to her so she understood what was taking place.

After reviewing Prima Princessa Swan Lake (see my review here), I wanted to have my girls watch Prima Princessa presents The Nutcracker before the Christmas Season rolled around. Once again, I am extremely pleased with this video as it the story is narrated while the professional ballerinas, from the Birmingham Royal Ballet, perform the dance. Then, the scene is recapped at breaks while instructors teach dance steps to young, budding ballerinas, playing in the yard or house. Each of the acts is divided into two parts, giving little ones a chance to watch, then learn a dance step and get up and dance themselves. The various steps that are demonstrated are passé, glissade, sauté, sauté arbaresque, and echappe sauté. I love how the producers show the words as they pronounce them as well. The video runs about one hour, and easily captivates little ones, especially with the breaks to get up and dance. There are also bonus features, such as arm positions and Port de Bras, a holiday party, holiday freeze dancing and holiday crafts. 
The website,, has some great coloring pages and activities for little ones, too.

This is such an adorable and educational video for little ones and would make a wonderful present or stocking stuffer for girls ages 3-7.  At only $6.99 at with free super saver shipping, you can’t let this one pass you by!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this DVD for review purposes. This review contains my honest opinions of this DVD.

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