Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Crab of the Day

We just got back from another glorious trip to the Smoky Mountains.  Just a little bit of heaven on earth!  We managed to hit the Cherokee Indian Reservation this time.  The only complaint I have about the trip is other people.  Yes, that's right, other people.  I am so sick and tired of going to a tourist attraction where there are crowds of people and the people in front of you just stop and block the aisle way or entrances/exits to stand and discuss their plans.  What are they thinking?  Why can't they just step aside and let others pass instead of clogging up the entire place.  It is like they think they are the only ones around!  Over and over again I see this blatant disregard for others when I am at places such as these.  To me, it is very inconsiderate behavior.  A perfect example of this was at the Indian Reservation.  Several guided groups met up at the council for a presentation.  As we were walking out, a few people just stopped right in the middle of the walkway, holding everyone else up!  RRRRR.

I think this is a huge problem in our society.  People only think of themselves and are not even aware or concerned about their surroundings.  What really gets me is when they do become aware of their behavior, they don't apologize but look at you like you are inconveniencing them!

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