Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Really????? Bloggers, Do You Promote for Free??

I had a company PR person contact me asking me to promote something for Hanes for them.  When I emailed back and basically asked what was in it for me, this was their response:  "Unfortunately, there is not much in it for you to promote this. We chose the BEST blogs we could find, that we thought could reach out to the most people. Obviously we were very impressed with your blog and would love for you to help us out. If it makes it easier for you I drafted up a blurb that you can use for the promotion..."

My response back to him was to ask if he worked for free.  Where do these companies get off asking bloggers to do their promotions for nothing in exchange?  If you are a blogger, do you do this?

Don't get me wrong--I have no problem blogging about a good cause or to spread good information.  I just like the fact that this guy, who is getting paid to promote something, is asking me to do it for free.


Summer said...

That's very interesting...and I've got to say, you're a rockstar for doing what you did ;) I received what is probably the same promotional request from Hanes last week. I'm very, very selective in what I will help promote without some sort of help in return. In fact, I even debated on that one because I thought it would be a good opportunity to build a relationship with a PR company. But even the promise of working on future campaigns where compensation is involved would be nice. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I want money or product, but my blog is my time and my money and I would appreciate the same kind of support from them (and, honestly, I think they just get a list of emails from one of the blogging groups we belong to). And from a company like Hanes, I doubt that sending bloggers a T-shirt or something along those lines would even make a dent in their marketing fund.

Rebecca said...

No I don't. Only if they are offering a giveaway for my readers do I post, or if they are emailing with two things, such as would mind posting this, and I'm intersted in being apart of your event and having you review this....I don't do things for free unless in the long run I feel it either benefits me or my readers. :D


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I don't do it all the time if I can't, as it does take time...I get that. However, I do post the things I can or believe the blog would enjoy knowing about. I figure I like to ask bloggers to help post things just for myself sometimes, so I should do the same. It's just a form of spreading the word.


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