Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 Tips for Weaving the Hottest Runway Trends into Your Day-to-Day Looks

As a stay at home mother, I grapple with fashion.  I remember the days when I was young and single and said that I was never going to become a fuddy duddy mother.   Unfortunately, life changed and after two children, I realized that my daily “uniform” often consisted of jeans and an over-sized sweatshirt in the winter and a t-shirt with khaki shorts in the summer.  Athletic shoes were part of both seasonal uniforms.  Then, this past year, I realized with horror what I had become.  A slob.  Yep.  I had caved.   It wasn’t overnight, it was a downward trend over time after having my second child.  In my sleepless stupor, there would be days that we didn’t even leave the house and so who cares what I wore?  That carried over to most days, whether I went somewhere or not.

This year, I decided it was time for a change.  I wanted to get back to being the stylish person I was “pre-motherhood.”  With that said, I am an older mother and don’t necessarily want to be super trendy, but do desire to be fashionable.   And, unlike “pre-motherhood,” I don’t have the option of spending whatever I want on fashion.  After all, I do have kids to feed and I don’t work.  And, of course, I strive for two things:  comfort and easy to clean.  You never know what you might have to do as a mother and you never know what might be on sticky hands that reach out to hug you.

So, I have to be creative in the ways I bring the hottest runway trends into my day-to-day look.  Here are some of my tips:
  1. Sometimes all it takes is an accessory to liven up an outfit.  A white t-shirt and jeans paired with some great, fashionable jewelry can bring you up to date in fashion! 
  2. Dig through your clothes.  Can you pair up something old with a new piece?
  3. Watch for sales at department stores.  Don’t forget to look for coupons or even ask for a discount.
  4. Shop eBay for the hottest styles for less.  You can find some great deals there!
  5. Don’t forget to check consignment shops.  You’d be surprised at what you can find there. 
  6. Don’t forget to check stores like Target, TJMaxx, Marshalls and others, which carry stylish    fashions at much lower prices.  Also, pick up the basic pieces at these stores for much less.
  7. Sometimes, just adding one extra piece to an outfit can update it.  I love the furs that are out there and just bought a faux fur vest.  It is great because it can be dressed up or dressed down and I can just add it to clothing I already have.
  8. I think one of the quickest ways to be stylish is to purchase stylish shoes and carry a trendy purse.  The same outfit with new shoes updates you instantly! And a stylish purse sets the tone of the outfit.
  9. Think about pairing up summer items with winter items creating a layered look.
  10. Look for items that are comfortable, but still stylish.  If you aren’t comfortable, you probably won’t wear it much.  Also, look at the care labels.  If you are a stay-at-home mother, you probably don’t want to wear things that are dry clean only!
So, in my quest to return to “pre-motherhood” attire, I have finally found ways to make it work for me.  I would love to hear any other suggestions my readers might have.

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