Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 Tips for Editing and Creating Beautiful Digital Photo

My friends have always said that I take wonderful pictures.  I do not necessarily agree, but rather think I follow some very simple tips to get great photos.  After reading that Twittermoms and Adobe Photoshop Elements teamed up to ask bloggers what their 5 tips for editing and creating beautiful digital photo projects, I thought I would share these tips with my readers.  With the holiday season upon us, who doesn’t want to have beautiful photos to share with family and friends in creative projects?  To make beautiful projects, you really need to have great photos!
  • First thing, become familiar with your camera in various lighting situations.  Digital cameras can be tricky.  Florescent lighting can make things green.  Bright day light shinning in windows can affect the quality of the photo.  Low lighting can be a disaster.  Take time to play around with your camera.  Read your manual and take test pictures till you get the best result.  It is not like you are going to waste money on film and processing!  Make sure you know where you want to set your flash.  Just the other day at a museum, I had to adjust my flash several times in different areas.  Just practice, practice, practice till you have it figured out!
  • Take a lot of pictures.  I probably have at least five ok photos for every perfect one I take.      
  • Use editing software.  You can do all sorts of things from removing the dreaded devil eyes (red eyes) to brightening the picture to adjusting the contrast or color balance. Another of my favorites is cropping!  Cut out all the background noise and just focus on what you really want in your photo!
  • Explore different options with your photos from black and white to sepia or my favorite, just taking most of the color out and leaving a bit.  Or maybe make your photo look like a watercolor or pop art.  There is so much to choose from!
  • Consider getting a book out of the library on digital photos or signing up for a class.  I have seen many workshops in my area for free classes at the library or extension office to low cost workshops from art centers.  Sometimes, just knowing a couple small things can make a huge difference.
You can see how just some simple cropping in this photo really made a difference:

    There are so many things you can do with digital photos, from creating your own photo book to making collages to making art or wearing them on t-shirts.  It just takes a little practice and a bit of creativity!  I hope these tips will give you some ideas on how to get beautiful digital photos for any of your photo projects.

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