Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Road Trip Experience

Discount Tire and TwitterMoms have teamed up to ask for blog submissions to share special memories from favorite road trips.  Seeing that we just got back from a family road trip, it is the freshest on my mind.  I won an overnight stay from Homewood Suites and my husband and I talked at length at where we might want to go and what we might want to do.  With two little girls who do not want to be in the car long, we had to consider distance, especially since we were just planning a short, overnight stay.  We had heard wonderful things about the Children’s Museum of Indianopolis and with it being only two hours away, we thought this would be a great city to visit.  Neither my husband nor I had ever been there.

Living in Northern Kentucky, we often see smoke in the distant sky from the Indiana smoke stacks along the Ohio River.   Being kids, the “Indiana Smoke,” as it is referred to in our house, is something very exciting for the girls.  They were so tickled when we crossed into Indiana and they could actually see the smoke stacks billowing out clouds of smoke.  As we drove, my husband commented, “Here we are…in unchartered territory.”  Despite the gloomy, overcast day with skies filled with fog (more as we got closer to Indiana), the drive we an exceptionally nice and peaceful drive.  The land was flat and we saw miles and miles of farm lands.

We headed into Indianapolis from the industrial side of town.  The downtown looked very much like Columbus, Ohio, on the horizon.  Once we got into the downtown, we saw beautiful architecture in churches and other buildings.  The downtown was a fairly lively place, filled with shops and bars.  We were fascinated by the Soldiers and Sailor’s Monument and the beautiful traffic circle surrounding it, filled with restaurants and shops.  We wish we could have spent some time downtown but since our time was limited, we headed over to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the largest children’s museum in the WORLD!!    We spent the entire day here, traveling through Egypt, exploring dinosaur exhibits, digging up dinosaur bones, making biodegradable plastics, strutting down the runway in the Barbie exhibit and so much more.  I was captivated by the Dale Chihuly glass exhibit that towers through all five levels of the museum.  

All and all, this was a wonderful weekend road trip and we will have memories that will last a lifetime.  We hope to make another road trip there again soon and explore even more that the city has to offer!

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