Monday, November 8, 2010

Review: Whirl-a-Style--Perfect for the Holidays and More

I love all the great styles for updos, yet don't have the ability to do them well myself.  Yeah, I can use a ton of pins and a can of hairspray and maybe make something decent, but don't want to take the time to do it and then have to deal with it falling down.  Not to mention, I hate how hairspray feels.  I saw an opportunity to try out Whirl-a-Style and decided to try it.  The Whirl-a-Style is a "dynamic hairstyling product that measures up to any lifestyle for women in any work place.  This synthetic material grips the hair without causing that unpleasant tearing and tangling feeling while also showcasing one fancy clean bun.  Hmm...that easy?

The hairstyler itself is a soft, rubbery product.  It did not sick or pull on my hair.  I still wasn't sure I could manage to make it work, but it is actually very simple and was able to create this look on the second try.  I just simply put my hair through the Whirl-a-Style and pulled it towards the ends and rolled and clasped.  That easy!  I did have a couple stragglers, that could easily be pinned or hair sprayed down.  I really like how it held my hair in place all day but was very comfortable, no pulling, no pins jabbing, and no sticky hairspray feeling.  In fact, I even laid down and rested with my daughter and my hair didn't get messed up.  I feel like I could jump and run around without my hair falling down.  The first time I tried it, I simply did a roll at the base of my neck, something I could wear day to day or for more formal wear.  I later tried one higher up, making it more elegant.  Taking it down is a breeze, too, as it did not get tangled in my hair.  

This is really a cool product and very reasonably priced at $9.50-$10.00.  There are also many more hairstyles you can create with the Whirl-a-Style for all hairstyle lengths and is perfect for the upcoming holiday season.  To read more about Whirl-a-Style, visit their site at

Interested in the Whirl-a-Style for yourself? This product can be purchased online at or at Claire's nationwide.

Disclosure:  Thanks to PR Revolution for providing me with the opportunity to review this product. This review contains my honest opinions.   I was not compensated in any manner except for the review product.

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abitosunshine said...

Last week I cut 18 inches off my hair, and layered the rest. YIPEs!

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