Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: A Better World--ToonUps Facebook App @ToonUps

What would you think of a great Facebook app that would be fun for both kids and adults and allow users to focus on the positives in life?  That is just what ToonUps A Better World app is designed to do.  To warm you up, ToonUps has released a special Giving Thanks Facebook app.  This app is free of charge and allows you to  create your avatar.  By sharing what you are grateful for with others at Gratitude Grotto and Positive Post, you earn "Do-Good Gold" which can be used in the full game once released.  In A Better World, you can dress up your avatar, create your home and visit your friends' homes.  A Better World also has games such as Thump a Thought where you get rid of negative thoughts or Three Cycle where you attempt to get three in a row for a cleaner, greener place.  You can also collect "awe inspiring" items that you can either keep or send to a friend.

This looks like a very cute app that is appropriate for children.  A Better World will help teach them the importance of giving back to their community and to appreciate the good in their lives.

It is really refreshing to see an app that will be appealing to children, yet also encourage them to think about others and focus on the positives in their own life.  A little positive thinking can go a long way in this world.  Even if a game isn't necessarily negative, not being positive can be detrimental in itself.  Why not choose something that will make you feel better about your self and more contentious about the world around you?  I say KUDOS to this Facebook app!  Stop by and check out the Giving Thanks app for yourself!

Disclosure:  Thanks toResourcefulmommymedia.com for giving me this opportunity to review this Facebook app.  By writing this review, I am eligible for a $20 gift card.  This review contains my honest opinions.

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