Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tips for Bringing Baby Home

Bringing baby home from the hospital for parents is an exciting time, but can be filled with anxieties, especially for first time parents.  Life, as you formerly knew it, has completely changed.  It is no longer all about you, but all about baby.  What do you do when the baby cries?  How do you keep baby safe?  And what about germs?   
One of the best resources for new parents is experienced parents.  You know, the ones who have been through it all and have survived.  The ones who were up late nights, put diapers on backwards, got pooped on and still have a beautiful child to show for it all.  Twittermoms and Lysol recognizes that experienced parents are a gift to new parents and have teamed up to sponsor this fun blogging contest for experienced mothers to share tips on bringing home a new baby. 
On one hand, it seems so long ago since I had a baby, but on the other hand, it seems just like yesterday when I brought a new little one home in my arms.  Here are my tips to new mothers everywhere.
1.      Rule number one:  there is no such thing as a perfect parent.  All parents make mistakes, we are only human.  You will make mistakes.  Learn from them and move on.  Even the best parents will admit they made many mistakes along the way.
2.      Sometimes, babies just cry for no reason.  Always check diapers and determine if they need to be fed.  If it is neither of those, maybe they just want to be cuddled.  Enjoy it now because before you know it, they will be running out the door.
3.      Consider a bassinet in your room while baby is still nursing at night.  Trust me, getting up and walking two steps in the middle of the night to feed baby and put back in bed is a lot easier than down the hall.
4.      Have questions?  Look up answers on the net from reputable sites, ask friends, ask your mother, call your doctor’s office.  Get information from everyone.  Your doctor’s office is a great resource—just call and talk to the nurse.  You can also cut back on non-necessary office visits many times by expressing concerns with the nurse.
5.      Know that no one parenting theory is completely right for you.  You have to sort them out and do what feels natural to you in your family.
6.      Get baby onto a schedule and stick with it.  Visitors coming at baby’s naptime, kindly explain that baby won’t be up till 1 and that they are welcome to visit then.
7.      Sometimes, people will make unwanted suggestions (quite possibly that annoying mother-in-law).  Just smile and say something like, “I hadn’t considered that” and change the subject.
8.      Keep a bag in the car, in addition to the diaper bag, filled with diapers, wipes, a towel, sunscreen, baby blanket, change of clothes for both you and baby.  You never know when it will come in handy.
9.      Germs—the dreaded germs.  First off, know that a lot of people believe a completely sterile environment does not allow a baby to develop a good immune system.  So, don’t over worry about baby and germs.  However, you do want to make sure some areas are germ free.  Keep disinfectant wipes handy to wipe off the changing table after changing baby.  Occasionally wipe babies toys or throw them in a mild bleach/water solution.  Keep baby’s dining area free with disinfectant wipes, such as Lysol.  Have a quilt to put on the floor for baby to play on.
10.   Germs from others.  With the cold and flu season here, new mothers will be quite concerned about their baby’s health.  Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy.  It is completely alright to ask visitors to use it before holding baby.

Bringing home baby is a joyous, but stressful time.  Make sure you try to eliminate as much stress as possible and try to enjoy every moment as it passes much too quickly!

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