Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tips to Have a Fresh and Festive Holiday

I am one of those people that likes smelly things—and I don’t mean stinky socks.  I love things that smell good!  My mom has always said I have an excellent sense of smell and can smell things other people can’t smell.  

With the holidays are upon us, one of my favorite things is the scents of the season.  There is nothing like the smell of fresh baked pies or a fresh pine tree to make the mood festive.   Scents can actually even make me feel “warmer.”  Here are some of my tips to have a fresh and festive holiday:

1.      Candles always make the atmosphere festive.  If having company, choose a light scent so it will not bother people.  This is especially true if you will be serving food.  You don’t want to overwhelm them to the point they can’t taste their food!
2.      A fresh pine wreath at the door can really great your guests senses!  And you have the added benefit of the scent floating in when the guests come in.
3.      I also love to have fresh pine on the mantle or on an occasional table with decorations.  It smells so clean!
4.      Sometimes, I entertain parents with young children running around so candles are a no-no.  In this case, prior to the guests arriving, I simply add some cinnamon sticks to boiling water on the stove top.  It fills the house!
5.      Fresh baked cookies with cinnamon also make for a nice holiday smell.
6.      Nothing warms the house like fresh-baked bread.  It is so delicious and the smell puts everyone in a happy mood.
7.      Traveling?  Keep your suitcases fresh with a dryer sheet.  I prefer Snuggle.
8.      Having overnight guests?  Make sure to wash the sheets and towels using fabric softener.  Once again, Snuggle is my favorite.  Things smell so fresh and clean!
9.      I love making a potpourri orange.  Take an orange and poke cloves in it.  Attach a hanger and put in closets for a wonderful aroma.
10.   I also love warmers for scented wax.  This is a safe alternative to open flame candles—just make sure they far from little ones hands, including the cords.  I love to choose berry scents for these.
11.   I love to buy mint products for feet and give my feet a soak in them.  It revives my feet and freshens the room at the same time.
12.   I love to keep fresh herbs in my home, such as rosemary.  The fragrance brightens the room.
13.   Plant bulbs early in the season to be blooming at the holidays.  A favorite of mine is Paper Whites! 
14.   Plug-in oil air fresheners in cinnamon can also add to the festive holiday!

I hope these tips have you thinking about ways to freshen your household during the holiday season!

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