Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Has Brought Me Comfort and Joy

“Do small things with great love.”  This is a quote from Mother Teresa and is one of my favorite quotes.  Growing up, I didn’t have the things that other kids had.  The fancy new clothes, the car, cash to spend how I liked.  But I did have my mother’s time and attention.  She was there every day after school to talk about my day, to laugh with me, to wipe my tears.  She did special things for me.  She knew purple was my favorite color.  I had a purple passion and she picked out the most beautiful purple to make me a pantsuit.  She also  made a birthday cake with purple icing back in the day when you had to mix purple yourself.  Even in high school, she got each of the daughter’s a sweater and made a skirt to match.  Mine was, of course, purple.   She made homemade food and made sure we all ate healthy.  She made special meals for me because I was a picky eater.  She made dolls for me to play with.  Once, as an adult, she even made me a stuffed rag bunny because I always wanted one and saw she made one for my niece.  She mended my clothes.  She helped me with my homework.  She taught me how to cook and bake.  She taught me to love myself.  She always pointed out my good qualities.  She encouraged me to do what I love to do.  She saw the good in me.  She has listened tirelessly to me on the phone when I have been upset about something or needed guidance.  She has prayed for me endlessly.  In essence, my mother made many sacrifices not only for me, but for all the children in the family.  She gave of her time, her energy and her love.  It isn’t the big things, but the small things that have impacted me the most  and that I remember most.  It has been so comforting to know that no matter what, my mother will always be there for me.

Because of my mother, I am inspired to be a good mother to my children.  She has brought me comfort and joy throughout the years.  I realize that often it is not the big events in my life that made a difference, but the small actions of love from my mother that made, and to this day makes, a difference.  I try to be like her in this way. I make special foods for my daughters.  I teach them how to bake.  I hold their hands and tell them how special they are.  And although my mother is 83, she still makes every attempt to do special things for each of my daughters, bring me sheer joy seeing how happy their faces are.

And the most important lesson I have learned is that it is the small things that I do for my children that will make a difference!  I hope to pass on the feelings of comfort and joy to my girls!

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