Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Birds Know

All week the weathermen have been wavering as to whether we are in for some snow or not on Christmas Eve and day.  When I went to bed last night, they were just calling for snow showers.  When I looked out my window this morning, I knew otherwise.  The birds were hitting my feeder hard.  As a bird watcher, I know this happens prior to bad weather.  I turned on the TV, sure enough, they have changed the forecast and we are due for 4" of snow.

Anyway, I did get the treat of having a couple of the most interesting birds stop by my feeding station this morning.  Two Pileated Woodpeckers enjoyed a bit of suet leftover in one feeder.  This bird is striking.  It is nearly as big as a crow and has a beautiful red crest and an unforgettable call. 
So, as the girls and I excitedly watched these beautiful birds, I anticipated more snow.

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