Thursday, December 2, 2010

Book Review: Amy Inspired

Amy Inspired is a novel about a young woman who is grappling with the direction her life has taken her.  She always wanted to be a writer, but since graduating college, she lacks inspiration to write.  With failed relationships and rejection letters, she feels life is passing her by.  She looks at her to-do by 30 list and realizes she has miserably failed.  She struggles in her relationship with her roommate, who shares similar goals in life. Then her roommate brings a homeless artist friend who is down on his luck to live with them temporarily.  Amy initially finds Eli annoying and can't wait for him to be gone, but over time, they develop a friendship.  When the relationship breeches a more intimate level, Amy is faced with choices.

Although the book was interesting reading and the characters were well developed, I question what the message was the author was trying to convey. I grappled, like Amy, at the issues at hand in the storyline.  On one hand, she drew inferences that Eli was like her father, whom she believed abandoned her family as a child.  Yet, she suddenly changed her mind about that.  I had difficulty understanding how all the story lines related with one another and kept waiting for the defining moment where everything was tied together.

Another thing that surprised me is that is the limited Christian references this book contained as this book was promoted as Christian fiction.  Amy did have Christian ideas such as not living together before marriage and the mention of going to church and a message from the pastor, the Christian theme is not really developed. I would have liked to have seen Amy's faith grow and be more a part of her decisions and her being.

If you like to read for the sake of reading, this book proves to be interesting. However, if you want a story with more substance, you may be disappointed.

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book by Bethany House Publishers for review purposes.  This review contains my honest opinions.

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Petula said...

I haven't heard of this book. Your review is fabulous. Honest and informative.

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