Sunday, December 5, 2010

Homemade Holiday Gift Idea Easy Enough for Non-Crafters to Make

I have a wonderful pancake recipe.  My girls love them so much that in order to save time mixing them up in the morning I usually mix up two recipes of dry ingredients and would save one for a day when I was short on time.  Then I got the idea to use the mix as Christmas gifts.  I saved spaghetti sauce jars and washed them well.  I used scrapbook paper, card stock, a little ribbon and a few stamps to make a very cute gift for someone.  This was a very inexpensive project and if you don't already have stamps, you can use clip art to make and print cute tags.  I included the instructions that I printed on the computer on a tag as well. 

These were very easy to make (just use double sided tape).  They turned out to be such cute gifts and have been well received by the recipients.   You could also fill these jars with hot cocoa, cookie mix, brownie mix or even Epsom salts for soaking.  I'd use the lavender Epsom salts or add a few drops of fragrance to make the soak even more relaxing!

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Happy Homemaker And Momma said...

Would you like to post this gift idea for my Handmade for Christmas? This is really nice-and I like the idea!

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