Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Don't Love You Anymore and I Am Not Happy...Good Bye

"I don't love you anymore and I am not happy" are words only acceptable in a dating relationship.  These are not words to be uttered carelessly after a decade or more of marriage, especially when children are involved.  In this situation, these are extremely selfish words.  When you take a vow before God, for better or worse, and then add children to the mixture, it is no longer about your happiness.  It is about the happiness and welfare of the family.  I am fed up with people using "happiness" as an excuse to leave a marriage.  Please don't get me wrong, I am not talking about abusive relationships--that is an entirely different situation.  I am talking marriages that seem to be doing okay and one party up and uses this line, when the other is willing to try to work things out.  I just want to shake some sense into them.  Do they really think life is better "out there?"  And even if it is, is it worth the cost of heartbreak they are causing their spouse and children?

The children are the ones who suffer.  And any parent who thinks divorce doesn't effect kids for life is wrong.  And any kid who thinks divorce didn't effect them, just needs to spend five minutes with me and I can easily show them how it has impacted them negatively.

Parents, grow up and be responsible!

I guess I am just very sad after learning that my husband's aunt's husband is walking out on her and the children.  I have seen this one too many times.

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StuffSmart said...

Great points. As the saying goes. "the grass isn't greener on the other side".

I would recommend the movie Fireproof and the book 'Dance with Me' by Karen Kingsbury for those going through hard times.

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