Thursday, December 23, 2010

Review: Factor Tree

As a homeschooling mother, I was eager to review Factor Tree.  Factor Tree boasts it is a better way to learn math.  It is an online supplementary math education platform that "adapts as your child learns, to ensure your pre-K to 6th-grader is always taught in the way that gets the best results."

I signed up for my free trial and was excited to get my oldest daughter started working on it.  First things first, they want the child to sit for a 30 minute test to evaluate them.  They want this to take place in one sitting.  In my opinion, this is ridiculous.  This is a very difficult thing for most preschoolers and first graders to do.  My daughter is an excellent student and even she would have difficultly sitting for 30 minutes at the computer taking a math test.  Not to mention that a tremendous amount questions on the test were at least a grade level or two above her competency.  I understand they are trying to figure out where she is, but she became frustrated because there were so many questions on the test that she didn't know.  Anyway, I told her to stop.  I went on the site and tried finishing up the test just so I could get an idea what the program is about.  Every time I finished a test, I just got another test.  There was no learning in sight.  After spending quite a bit of time in both of their accounts, I never was able to access any actual teaching, just test after test.  Even I became frustrated. It would be nice to know if the tests were ever going to end.

So, I am not even sure I ever got to the actual learning experience to review it, but my impression thus far is don't waste your time or money.  :(  I would recommend IXL Math over this in a heartbeat.

Disclosure:  As a member of BzzAgent, I received a one month trial of Factor Tree.  I also receive MyPoints for sharing my honest opinion.

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