Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review: Warner's This is Not a Bra and Invisible Bliss with Lift

When I shop for bra, I want two things:  comfort and support.  Of course, comfort is the most important.  I have worn numerous bras that give me support,but just about kill me in the process.  You know, wires poking into your rib cage and such.  Then there are bras that seem to give too much support and you fall out of them, spilling all your secrets and looking messy.  I want the bra that you can keep on all day.  I don't want to feel like pulling my bra off and flinging it across the room, my breast jumping for joy.

My absolute favorite bra is Warner's This is Not a Bra with full coverage.  This bra is so comfortable you may forget you have one on.  I have yet to have a wire dig into my ribs.  It also provides great support (these puppies need it after nearly 3 years of nursing).  When I want to have a little more cleavage, I wear the This is Not a Bra with moderate lift.  It makes a nice cleavage line without spilling out.

Another great bra by Warner's is the Invisible Bliss, which is a great bra to wear under t-shirts and tight fitting shirts as there are no lines.  This is another really comfortable bra that comes either with an underwire or wire-free.  And now Warner's has introduced another bra you may wish to check out--the Invisible Bliss with lift.  This bra features "a light, natural enhancement" with "hardware-free straps are completely smooth under clothes" (taken from the Warner's website).

Warner's bras are pretty easy to find at major department stores such as Kohl's, JC Penney's, Macy's, and the like.  You can also visit Warner's website and check out all their styles and fits.  Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated with sales and coupons and more!

Disclosure:  Thanks to Warner's for sending me bras to review for this post.  This post contains my honest opinions. 

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