Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Support Your Blogger!

Bloggers spend a lot of time putting stuff out there for our readers.  Many bloggers, myself included, don't get paid for blogging, so having support in other ways is nice.  Here are a couple ways that you can show support to blog authors everywhere:
  • Leave a comment on blog posts.  We love feedback from our readers, even if it is a simple thank you!  You can always leave comments anonymously if you don't have an account.  This is one of the most rewarding gifts a blogger can receive!
  • If a blogger has a "Vote for Me" button anywhere, take a few seconds and vote for them.
  • If a blogger has an Amazon link on their site and you order from Amazon, please click the link on their blog to place your order.  The blogger will receive a small stipend (yes, very small).  Although a lot of bloggers, myself included, don't necessarily blog to earn money, getting a little tip on the side is nice!
I hope that if you like the blogs you read, you will remember to let the blogger know how much you appreciate their efforts!


Lori said...

Thank you for all you do on your blog.

StuffSmart said...

I'm sending you a little extra love by giving you a blog award.
Check it out!

abitosunshine said...

AMEN to this post and BRAVO to you, Ann! It only takes a moment of time to let a friend know you've stopped by to say, "Hi!"

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